Who We Are

Science Alliance is a student organized club at Monte Vista High School that runs a science program for fifth graders during each school year. High school "mentors" are paired with fifth grade "buddies" to provide individualized help in completing a science fair project.

Monte Vista Science Alliance serves the following elementary schools:

Green Valley, Vista Grande, Tassajara Hills, Creekside, and Coyote Creek.

Meet the 2017-2018 Team

Presidents: Jacob Bronshteyn and Ariel Chen

Vice President: Kevin Peng

Demonstrations: Jake Whinnery

Publicity: Ivan Vuong

Activities: Ethan Peng

Chem Club Liason: TBD

Webmaster: Ethan Yu

MVHS Faculty Advisor: Linda Bandrowski

Contact an Officer

All officers can be contacted at firstinitial.lastname@mvsciencealliance.org. For example, Linda Bandrowski can be reached at l.bandrowski@mvsciencealliance.org.